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The Sydney Experience

The Sydney Experience is a Sabbatical program built around flexible learning, providing you with the opportunity for continuing education that meets the needs most relevant to you.

Directed specifically to the requirement of each individual, this style of programme is for those who want to ensure that their sabbatical is focused around the issues that are of particular interest to them.

The content is governed totally by what the participant wants to do.

The backbone of The Sydney Experience is the supervision of it. One of the staff of the Centre for Christian Spirituality will be your supervisor, and will work with you weekly to reflect on what you are doing. It is this reflection that is the key learning strategy, which can draw out the learning from the various experiences you may have during the week. This supervision ensures that this is a genuine sabbatical programme rather than just a series of disconnected events.

Drawing on the resources of Sydney, a city of almost four million people (a quarter of whom are Catholics), The Sydney Experience benefits from the support of a Catholic University, two Catholic theological faculties, and a variety of other Catholic educational bodies. There are three dioceses, hundreds of parishes, and the support systems that go with them.

As the programme is tailored for the individual, its beginning and end are flexible, and can be taken over a period from 1 to 12 months. This means that participants can fit the programme into other commitments that they might have at home, or round out their sabbatical with travel interests, hobbies, recreational activities, social and artistic experiences.

Ensuite accommodation can be provided at The Centre.

For further information about the programme and details about costs please contact Sister Judith Glaister RSM on

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